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Rapture and Anti-Christ 46 minutes


What in the WORLD is God Doing? 25 minutes


What Can We Say? 47 minutes Joseph Series Part 13


How to Have Healthy Relationships 31 minutes Christian Beliefs Series


Elijah 14 - How God Heals a Discouraged Heart 06/26/93 35 minutes


Who Willl Roll Away The Stone? 44 minutes

Aha! 50 minutes


The Mark of the Beast 83 minutes

The Healing of the Deadly Wound 31 minutes

The Mark of the Beast 46 minutes


Revenge36 minutes Joseph Series Part 5


Christ Centered Reasons for Sunday Worship 42 minutes

Sabbath - Does it Still Even Matter? 29 minutes

Sabbath – A Sign of Belonging 45 minutes

Red Roses Without Love 37 minutes


Why Am I An Adventist? 46 minutes


Why? 37 minutes

Second Coming

The Abomination that causes Desolation 37 minutes

Is Jesus Really Coming Soon? (Second Coming Series Part 3) 35 minutes

Why I Believe He is Coming Soon (Second Coming Series Part 2) 38 minutes

Four More Reasons(Second Coming Series Part 3) 44 minutes

How to Prepare for the Coming Crash 48 minutes

Armageddon and the Return of Christ 39 minutes

The Mystery of God's Timing 36 minutes

Elijah 5 - How to Prepare for the Coming Crash 31 minutes

Secret Rapture

Rapture and Anti-Christ 46 minutes


Security in an Age of Terror 04/30/16 40 minutes

Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Remnant Church 31 minutes


Elijah 8 - How to Face False Accusations 34 minutes


The Devil's Favorite Texts 33 minutes

Slain Lamb

Why Am I An Adventist? 46 minutes

Spiritual Gifts

Step 6 - Discovering Spiritual Gifts 30 minutes 7 Step Strategy Series #8

Spiritual Gifts #1 - Finding the Purpose for Your Life 46 minutes

Spiritual Gifts #2 - Taking Gifts Out of Storage 54 minutes

Spiritual Gifts #3 - The Gifts of Martyrdom and Apostleship 46 minutes

Unwrapping Your Support Gifts 30 minutes

Needed – More Evangelists and Pastors 41 minutes

The Gift of Tongues 35 minutes

The Teacher and the Taught 38 minutes

Yea! for the Helpers 30 minutes

Gifts Most Mothers Model 36 minutes

Unidentical Twins in Same Body 27 minutes


How to Cope with Life's Insecurities 42 minutes

Unidentical Twins in Same Body 27 minutes

If God Owns It All 45 minutes 7 Step Strategy Series #9

Storm, calming

What Everyone Needs 32 minutes


How to Handle Stress 37 minutes

How to Relate to Suffering 25 minutes Joseph Series Part 6

The Grasshopper Complex 33 minutes

When You're in the Pit 32 minutes Joseph Series Part 2

The Trouble with Prosperity 41 minutes Joseph Series Part 10


Elijah 15 - Moving On After Failure 31 minutes

How to be a Part of a Winning Cause 40 minutes

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