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Gifts, Spiritual Step 6 - Discovering Spiritual Gifts 30 minutes 7 Step Strategy Series #8
God's Love What in the WORLD is God Doing? 25 minutes
God's Presence Elijah 2 -How to Overcome Fear 25 minutes
God's Wrath Why Am I An Adventist? 46 minutes
Gospel The Gospel According to Joseph 41 minutes Joseph Series Part 14

Closing the Church's Back Door 28 minutes

Elijah 15 - Moving On After Failure 31 minutes

Object of Antichrist’s Attack 41 minutes

Great Controversy

Elijah 10 - The Peril of Divided Loyalties 34 minutes
Happiness Thanksgiving in Februrary 45 minutes 
Healthful Living What Some Faith Healers Don't Tell You 40 minutes
Hell Does God Get Angry 28 minutes
Historicism Rapture and Anti-Christ 46 minutes
Humility Elijah 12 - Power in Private Prayer35 minutes
Hypocrites Hypocrites in the Church 32 minutes

Elijah 8 - How to Face False Accusations 34 minutes

Adventism - Pointless Or Purposeful? 44 minutes

Israel Israel in Prophecy 39 minutes

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