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Abomnation The Abomination that causes Desolation    37 minutes
Absalom What in the WORLD is God Doing?    25 minutes
Accusations, Wrongly Accused

The Stolen Cup    29 minutes   Joseph Series Part 12

Rapture and Anti-Christ    46 minutes


Adventism - Pointless? or Purposeful    57 minutes

The Mystery of God's Timing    36 minutes

Adventism - Pointless Or Purposeful?    44 minutes

Why Am I An Adventist?    46 minutes


Elijah 12 - Power in Private Prayer    35 minutes

Elijah 16 - You Have Found Me    22 minutes

Alcohol Drink and Remember    56 minutes
Armageddon Armageddon and the Return of Christ    39 minutes
Anger Why Am I An Adventist?    46 minutes

Object of Antichrist's Attack    41 minutes

Rapture and Anti-Christ    46 minutes

Apostasy Closing the Church's Back Door    28 minutes
Apostleship Spiritual Gifts #3 - The Gifts of Martyrdom and Apostleship    46 minutes
Attack Elijah 8 - How to Face False Accusations    34 minutes
Baptism Results of Being Baptised    43 minutes

The Mark of the Beast    83 minutes

The Healing of the Deadly Wound    31 minutes

Blame Elijah 9 - How to Face False Accusations 2    45 minutes
Blessings Elijah 3 - Education Beside a Drying Brook    24 minute
Boring If I were the devil - Top Ten Ways to STOP Church Growth 41 minutes

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