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How to be a Part of a Winning Cause 40 minutes


Unwrapping Your Support Gifts 30 minutes

Working for God

Elijah 15 - Moving On After Failure 31 minutes

Worry Worship 1 - Worship or Worry 39 minutes


If I were the devil - Top Ten Ways to STOP Church Growth 41 minutes

Step 4: Worship Him 37 minutes 7 Step Strategy Series #6

Step 5 The Quiet Revolution 39 Mminutes 7 Step Strategy Series #7

Christ Centered Reasons for Sunday Worship 42 minutes

Worship 1 - Worship or Worry 39 minutes

Worship 2 - 7 Principles of Christian Worship 31 minutes

Worship #3 - Music in Worship 34 minutes

Worship 4 - How We Prepare for Worship 38 minutes

Worship for the Whole Person 35 minutes


Why Am I An Adventist? 46 minutes

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