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What in the WORLD is God Doing? minutes

Pleasures of Sin

Choices 31 minutes


Elijah 15 - Moving On After Failure 07/03/93 31 minutes


How to Have Power in Private Prayer 42 minutes

Is Praying Longer Always Better 37 minutes

House of Prayer, Power, and Praise 56 minutes

The Sound of Heavy Rain 41 minutes

Why Does God Say No or Yes? 32 minutes

Wrestling With God 27 minutes

Elijah I – What to Do in Impossible Situations 27 minutes

Elijah 12 - Power in Private Prayer35 minutes


Elijah 12 - Power in Private Prayer 35 minutes


Rapture and Anti-Christ 46 minutes


Elijah 10 - The Peril of Divided Loyalties 34 minutes

Prodigal Son

The Trouble With Being Good 47 minutes


How Does God Keep His Promises? 29 minutes


Israel in Prophecy Part 1 39 minutes

The Remnant Church 31 minutes

Seal of God and Daniel's Prophecy 37 minutes

Unwrapping Your Support Gifts 30 minutes

Protestant Reformation

Rapture and Anti-Christ 46 minutes


Elijah 3 - Education Beside a Drying Brook 24 minute

Elijah 4 - From One Jar To Another 24 minutes


Spiritual Gifts #1 - Finding the Purpose for Your Life 46 minutes

Adventism - Pointless Or Purposeful?06/27/15 44 minutes

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