Jere Webb Sermons 1996

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What Does A New Testament Church Look Like?    01/06/96    54 minutes

How the Early Church Functioned    01/13/96    43 minutes

The Peril of Divided Loyalties    02/03/96    43 minutes

Is Praying Longer Always Better    02/10/96    37 minutes

How to Have Power in Private Prayer    03/02/96    42 minutes

House of Prayer, Power, and Praise    03/16/96    56 minutes

Wrestling With God    03/30/96    27 minutes

Who Willl Roll Away The Stone?    04/06/96    44 minutes

Why Does God Say No or Yes?    04/13/96    32 minutes

The Sound of Heavy Rain    05/18/96    41 minutes

You Are - You Will Be    05/25/96    22 minutes

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