The problem:

Many people and institutions have web sites but do not have a way to place their presentations on-line. Or the site may not have enough disk space and bandwidth for even one fairly small mp3 file. People need a simple and affordable way to make their speeches, lectures, sermons, or talks available on-line.

The solution:

Kerygmanet provides you a place to locate your files on a web server. You can seamlessly link to them from your own web site. You can submit your audio or video files to us on tape, CD, DVD, email them, or upload them from your custom upload page. We try to work with your needs.

For an additional small fee we can convert your files to the best video or audio formats. Visitors can download the files or listen to or view them in their browser window. If you prefer to maintain greater control over the distribution, the files can be streamed to a media player without being kept on the guest's computer.

Other optional services include creating a unique custom index page or an index page with the look and feel of an existing web site. Complete web design and hosting services are also available.


We keep our fees as low as possible to accommodate nonprofit and educational institutions, as well as private individuals.


Educational lectures, training series, sermons, informational, self enrichment and encouragement materials are welcome. The owners and management of reserve the right to refuse to host any material that does not fit the intention and philosophy of the site. Kerygmanet and Cerebroweb Associates reserve the right to remove any files that have been altered to the point where they are no longer acceptable. No refunds will be offered in such cases. A free content review may be requested at any time.

Creative rights:

Any files hosted on must be the property of the person or institution providing them. If the copyright to any material is held by someone else, written permission to post the files on the internet for public distribution must be provided. All files may be freely viewed or listened to by the public. You may include links for donations or voluntary subscriptions, but no pay per view capabilities are provided at this time.

More information:

For information on fees, restrictions, and other services, please email Kerygmanet, or click the Contact button to use the online form, or other contact information.


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